Entangled Druidry

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A Corvids Viewpoint

My partner is currently engaged in composing a piece she is to present to the Scottish Pagan Federation’s annual conference in Edinburgh this weekend (24/05/2014) entitled ” The Changing Landscape of Druidry”. One of the things we were trying to define was how Druidry differs from other modern Pagan religions. Using the three principles the Scottish PF use as identifiers (interestingly, I note how the three principles have been dropped by the English PF) it is proving to be a somewhat difficult task. To date, it is fair to say that we have identified a couple of things that Druidry does not do compared to other religions but to actually clearly define what aspects of Druidry that differ from the three principles of general modern pagan religions as practised in the Scottish PF, is proving to be very difficult.

A good part of this talk will deal with the…

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Calling Oneself a Druid

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Down the Forest Path

A blog post about whether to call yourself “Druid” or not has been brewing in my mind for weeks – when do we think we can claim the title?

Simply because in the past one could not claim to be a Druid until after 19 years training (depending upon the source you use) doesn’t mean that we still have to follow that way of thinking today. The Celts did many things that we don’t or wouldn’t do today. For instance, the ancestors performed animal sacrifice – we don’t. We have to adapt to the modern day to be able to let our path expand and fulfill our needs of today.

To call oneself a Druid is to simplify our intention – how else would we go about it? To say “I am a follower on the path of Druidry” just doesn’t roll off the tongue in casual conversation. The term…

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Yes, I am a Priest

Life With Trickster Gods

Yes, I spend a lot of time reading - even when I go to the beach Yes, I spend a lot of time reading – even when I go to the beach

If you have been reading the blog, you would have noticed that I posted a review of “Paganism 101” from Moon Books (editor, Trevor Greenfield) – a book that has given me many, many writing prompts. Today’s blog post will be no exception to that, as I tackle a concept and descriptor that I have eschewed for most of my life: “Priest”.

Anyone who has read this blog or listened to my long period of podcasting or even knows me personally – is aware of my hardcore avoidance of the term and title of “Priest”. I am no Priest for anyone except myself. I have always avoided the usage of the term where I was concerned, so that I would not be wrapped up in any misconception over my role as a…

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