Into the Mound: Recreating the Cosmos in Our Druidic Ritual Order.

Into the Mound: Recreating the Cosmos in Our Druidic Ritual Order..

Recreating the Cosmos in Our Druidic Ritual Order.

By IanC from the blog Into the Mound

I haven’t posted a lot of technical ADF material here, since I suspect my readership is a little more general. However in keeping with my habit, this year, of archiving frequent answers here, I’ll put this up. In our Priestly training program there is a moment when students are asked to obtain ritual notes on several subjects from three of our experienced priests. Since I’m on the list, I’ll post this short answer right here. It refers to elements of ritual that I’ve been doing the same way for 20 years now – my answer is unlikely to change soon, and if it does I’ll update it. 

In my understanding, the basic steps of our Order of Ritual (OoR) amount to a recreation of the Indo-European cosmos. As in many traditional ritual systems, our rites are set in a cosmological diagram. Since our Order is written for modern, park-and-church-basement Paganism, we assume that this cosmic model must be rebuilt and reconsecrated for each
ritual. Thus our sacrifices open with rites for consecrating the space and establish it as a gathering-place for the Gods & Spirits

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