Will the power of thorium make it a fuel of the future?

Will the power of thorium make it a fuel of the future?.


November 27, 2013

While the ongoing debate over the future of fossil fuels and renewables is unlikely to diminish any time soon, engineering research into an energy source named after a Norse God may soon provide a much-needed alternative. And although it may have been discovered nearly 200 years ago, there are a growing band of scientists, engineers and government officials who believe that the time has come to for Thorium to take its place in the discussion.

According to the BBC, the radioactive element is already being seen as a safer alternative to the existing use of uranium in nuclear reactors, with a number of engineering research and development projects across the world already engaged in assessing its energy potential. Thorium was originally found in Norway in 1828, and was named after the legendary god of thunder by the Swedish chemist who first identified its properties, although its use up until now has been sporadic.

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