The Biggest Magical Operation Ever Carried out on Earth | Philip Carr-Gomm’s Weblog

Biggest Magical Operation Ever Carried out on Earth

The dragon rises! Photo Carlton Campbell

dragon rises! Photo Carlton Campbell

Friday, Stephanie and I drove to Glastonbury to participate in the
Warrior’s Call Pagan Anti-Fracking ritual that was scheduled for
Saturday. I had been a little concerned because 1800 people had said
they were coming and I was aware of the irony of having people using
fossil fuels to get to Glastonbury to work a ritual designed to protect
the Earth from pollution. However, sometimes it is necessary to make a
strong statement, and perhaps to do powerful magic, and this
Glastonbury initiative felt important. We combined it with a long
overdue visit to OBOD’s Touchstone editor
Penny Billington and its inimitable illustrator Arthur ZZ

many of the 1800 people would actually turn up, especially when the
forecast was for rain? Damh the Bard had spotted members in Australia
clicking the ‘I’m coming!’ button on Facebook, so we knew some would be
coming astrally, and in fact astral travel made up the bulk of
participants. About 1500 flew on the wings of thought and intention,
and only about 300 were there on the lower field of the Tor, just above
Dion Fortune’s (now Geoffrey Ashe’s) house. But this was a good number
– enough to give a real sense of solidarity and energy, without so many
no-one would hear what was being said – which I had feared if 1800 had
come. The police had been worried about numbers too, and had phoned us
and appeared before the ritual began. But they were reassured and went

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