The Very (Very!) Basics of Druid Ritual | Solitary Druid Fellowship

The Very (Very!) Basics of Druid Ritual | Solitary Druid Fellowship.


The Very (Very!) Basics of Druid Ritual

Since taking over as SDF organizer, I’ve received a lot of very basic questions about druid ritual: What direction should I face during my devotionals? What types of sacrifice should I make? What color candles should I use?

I’m delighted to answer these questions, of course, and they’ve been making me remember fondly my own first rituals as a druid. When I joined ADF, I was new to paganism in general and not just druidry. Everything was completely new.  Because I was raised Catholic, I was comfortable with ADF’s requirement that a standard liturgy be used for High Days in public ritual and on the Dedicant Path—but I was a solitary then, too, and more than a two-hour drive away from any other ADF Druids. I didn’t even know what a ritual should look like.

In short, I had no idea what I was doing.

I started with the altar. Seems like a good place to start, right, the heart of the home practice? And I’ll confess that I’m fond of stuff. I’d never make a good Buddhist, because I’m awfully attached to material things, and paganism offers a plethora of thingsto choose from. So I made a list of altar-goods, and my (very patient) husband and I made the trek into Santa Fe to hit Target, Pier 1, and the craft store.

After spending an inordinate amount of time choosing the perfect miniature bowl to act as my well, the prettiest simple candle holders for my Three Kindred candles, and a box of pillar candles to act as hearth fire, I headed home prepared to deck out my cheap TV-tray altar in its finest. I set up a mesquite branch in a fancy glass, filled my well with water from the acequia that ran under my doorstep, and proudly displayed my hearth-fire candle on a willow ware saucer.


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