Druidry against shame | Druid Life

Druidry against shame | Druid Life.

Druidry against shame

One of the repeated themes for me at Druid camp, was the issue of
facing down that which is shaming. There’s a world of difference
between being ashamed of genuine shortcomings and errors, and quite
another having someone shame you. Shaming is a widespread activity.
When we are made to feel shame for things we have no control over, or
for things that are important to us, when we are shamed by others for
our mistakes and shortcomings, humiliation is inevitable. It is a
painful, self-reducing process and there is no good in it.
At camp we had naked people. We had the red tent exploring menstruation
and other generally unspeakable women’s mysteries. Shaming around
bleeding and the female body is widespread. There were stories of
people shamed, and of shame resisted.
There is a role for ‘name and shame’ tactics. When people undertake to
deliberately do the wrong thing, when there is hypocrisy, when power is
corrupt and abusive, then calling it out is important, and there is a
place for drawing shame down upon the head of the perpetrator. However,
there’s still that difference to hold between recognising an action or
behaviour as shameful, and shaming a person. The point at which we say
‘this bad thing is on the inside of you, and you are therefore a bad
person’ is a troubling one.

Please read the rest here: http://druidlife.wordpress.com/2013/07/31/druidry-against-shame/


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