The Gods Are Bored: What Druids Think About #2: Hypocrisy

The Gods Are Bored: What Druids Think About #2: Hypocrisy.

What Druids Think About #2: Hypocrisy
I’m typing this blog post on a netbook. When the netbook runs low on batteries, I plug it into the wall to juice it up again.

Outside the temperature is flirting with 100. I have central air conditioning. It’s running. There’s a refrigerator keeping my food cool and fresh, and a heater in the basement that warms water for my showers.

The electricity that makes all of this possible for me is generated at the Salem Nuclear Power Plant. It is the second largest nuclear power plant in the USA.

Nuclear power plants generate energy through the fission of radioactive uranium. As the fission process occurs, high heat is produced. This heat turns water to steam, and the steam drives turbines that create electricity. The Salem Nuclear Power Plant provides electricity to 3 million households in New Jersey. My house is one of them.

I have always looked upon nuclear power as a really, really bad accident waiting to happen. But this week I got to tour the Salem power plant, which is not surprisingly staffed by people who think nuclear energy is fabulous. Did their unbridled optimism cure me of my anxiety over nuclear power? Not really. Do I have any right to criticize this form of energy generation? Not really. Not unless I take my little pink hairless behind off the grid.

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